Gluten Free Waffle Recipe - Thermomix

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WAFFLES - Gluten Free Friendly Thermomix Recipe - Courtsey of Kirsty

Making waffles for the kids can be time consuming with a bit of messing about with the batter with beating the egg whites separately etc. After much nagging on a school holiday morning with no plans, Kirsty decided to have a play with and convert a Thermomix Recipe to make it quick and Gluten Free.

Kirsty has a Sunbeam Penguin Woddles Maker. Her kids love it! You can fill up the penguins belly wit...

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Custard Cake Recipe - YUM!!!

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Have you tasted a Creamy Custard Cake? You haven't lived until you've tried it! Nice & naughty      CREAMY CUSTARD CAKE   Ingredients:   4 eggs (whites separated from yolks), room temp 1 tsp vanilla extract 3/4 cup sugar 1 stick butter, melted/125g 3/4 cup all purpose flour 2 cups milk lukewarm powdered sugar for dusting cake   Instructions:   Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celcius.... Read more

The Best Australia Day Pavlova Recipe

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Did you know that the Pavlova was created by a hotel chef in the 1920s in honor of the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova during one of her tours to Australia or New Zealand? It is synonomous with the Australian summer, particularly at Christmas time and of course a favourite dessert at our Australian Day BBQ. This recipe is a Chocolate take on this traditional dessert and has been perfected by our resident tenn, Gracie. Follow these simple recipe for a perfectly soft, marshmallowy centre ...

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Star Wars Lightsaber Icypole Holders

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These Star Wars Lightsaber Icypole holders are perfect for to keep your cool in Perth's hot summer! A quick trip to the local shops to collect craft supplies and Zooper Dooper and you'll be set to go. I saw this easy DIY craft on my favourite craft blog Create Craft Love and thought they would be perfect for an after party treat for Encore's popular

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Sleepover Waffle Bar Idea

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Has your daughter arranged a last minute sleepover with her friends and you are stuck for ideas on what to feed them? No fear, this fabulous idea of a Waffle Bar by Veronica Yem is stylish, fun and easy to set up. This would perfectly compliment a Best friends Forever party as a breakfast serving idea.

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Gummy Bear Popsicle Sticks

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It's no secret that ALL kids love Gummy Bears! At Encore's Candy Crush and Slime parties they feature with a great rowdy applause. These ever so cute Gummy Bear Popsicle Sticks by DIY Queen are so fun yet so easy to make!    Read more

Super Father's Day Lunch

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Make Father's Day a happy one for the kids and for Dad this year by bringing the whole family down to 

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How to Make Sweet Little Candy Tea Cups

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These Sweet Little Candy Tea Cups are a fantastic addition to Encore' Alice In Wonderland Character Party. Older children aged 6yrs+ will be able to create these wonderful tea cups and enjoy eating them at the party table. It is a simple DIY activity that takes no time to prepare and the kids LOVE them.    Read more

How to make Rainbow Jelly Jars

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These Party Rainbow Jelly Jars are an awesome idea for a Rainbow Party Dessert or Candy Buffet Table. They can be fiddly, however well worth the effort. Check out MY Cupcake Addiction's fabulous DIY Tutorial

  Tools and Equipment:  Clear jars, glass or plastic (you can also use cups or glasses)  Tablespoons   Teaspoons   Cup measure   Ingredients:  Whipped ... Read more

S'mores a Winter Dessert Delight

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Smores are a deliciously, decadent winter treat that the kids will love creating and will be yelling for more in Perth this winter. The best part ?? They are ready in 10 mins flat. For full instructions on how to make Smore's with the kids watch this great video created Bryan Talbot.

You will need:

Crackers - we use Granita Biscuits

Packet of Choc Chips

Bag of large fluffy white marshmallows


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SWEET Smores Fun

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If you have travelled to America you would be familiar with the American Camp tradition of Smores. In New York you can order a smores plate for kids to enjoy making their very own Smores whilst you sip your latte in peace  (I enjoyed many peacful Lattes when my boys were young). Gracie has reminded me of this favourite pass time and suggested what a great idea this would be for a sleepover party.

How to make Smores

You will need   6 digestive... Read more

Tim Tam Slam Hot Chocolate

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Tim Tam turns 50 this year and I just had to try this. The result equals chocolate'y chins and everyone wanting it again. This receipe is one of my faves from Dolly Magazine and is oh so good! I love to make a Tim Tam Slam Hot Chocolate when I come home from my Saturday Netball and need to warm up quickly.     You’ll need the following ingredients   3 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder 4 Original Tim Tams, crushed A dash of boiling water ... Read more

Aunty Lois's Cream Butterfly Cake Recipe

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Family Food traditions are a great way of preserving family memories. How are you preserving your family memories and handing down your favourite recipes? What is your signature family dish? We would love you to share these with us 

Some of my most treasured childhood memories are from the regular Booth Family gatherings. Complete with the BBQ plates, the kids rug, Uncle Doug's Spaghetti bolognaise and sausage rolls, Mum's deviled eggs, Ken and Bev's curry, Grandma's Pavlova, ...

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Frozen Character Birthday Cake

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Tammy from Mystique Cake Creations, Perth Western Australia is truly a cake decorating artist. Her cakes are amazing and proving popular this year are her Disney's Frozen Movie birthday cakes. Tammy can create any Frozen inspired cake for your child's birthday party including, Olaf as pictured below, Elas's Ice Princess Castle, Anna and Kristoff cake, North Mountain - you name it and she has created it. Have a look at what Olaf Frozen ...

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Birthday Party Food Boxes

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Individual party food boxes for your guests is an easy food option that takes the stress out of party planning. In fact, my experience as an entertainer has shown me that kids of all ages love them.

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Decadent Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries and White Chocolate Bubble Wrap Shards

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{Day 7 : Tween Valentines Day Calendar} 

Chocolate Mousse is definitely one of my all time favourite desserts. The thought of it even makes my mouth water! What’s even better than the taste, is that this chocolate indulgence is super easy to make! 

Decadent Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries and White Chocolate Bubble Wrap Shards Recipe

Makes 8, or if you’re feeling a little more hungry  6


For the Mousse 

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The Best Sausage Roll Recipe

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Sausage Rolls are a staple at any kids party celebration. My Grandma made the best. She handed the recipe down to my Aunty Lois and my Uncle Doug tweaked the recipe and still to this day, keeps his tweaking a secret. But the good news is.....I have Grandma's Sausage Roll Recipe! At the risk of a Booth Family uprising...I am going to share the best ever Sausage Roll Recipe with you.  SAUSAGE ROLL RECIPE   1.5kg sausage mince 7-10 sheets puff pastry 5-6 sli... Read more

Chocolate Surfing Gummy Bears

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The kids had a great time helping me making these this morning. You could use this Chocolate Surfing Gummy Bear cooking activity at slumber party or cooking party - it's guaranteed to be a hit!

Chocolate Surfing Gummy Bears Recipe

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Chocolate Malteser Cupcake Recipe - Yum!

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These  Chocolate Malteser Cupcakes can be whipped up in no time at all. Here's the recipe for you all to enjoy - happy baking! Ingredients 

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DIY Hungry Caterpillar Party Crafts

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If you are hosting a Hungry Caterpillar party for your Toddler then  you will love these party crafts that Toddler Approved have designed. Kids will love painting their Hungry Caterpillar Hats, Balloon Printed Caterpillars, counting Caterpillars with M&Ms and they will adore creating Froot Loop Caterpillars for them to take home.

Image Source:

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The Best Sausage Roll Recipe

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Sausage Rolls are a staple at any kids party celebration. My Grandma made the best. She handed the recipe down to my Aunty Lois and my Uncle Doug tweaked the recipe and still to this day, keeps his tweaking a secret. But the good news is…..I have Grandma’s Sausage Roll Recipe! At the risk of a Booth Family uprising…I am going to share the best ever Sausage Roll Recipe with you. Enjoy.

Sausage Roll Recipe 1.5kg sausage mince 7-10 sheets puff pastry 5-6 s... Read more

Fabulous Christmas Cupcakes

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It’s official…I think Sugar Siren Cakes have the best cupcakes in Australia, (if not the world!) Sugar Siren Cakes is situated in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. She creates beautiful...

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Christmas Grinch Punch Recipe

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Taste of home  is one of the best sources for easy and amazing recipes. When I was looking for some Christmas menu inspiration, I came across this Christmas Grinch Punch recipe. This would b...

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Candy Cane Christmas Tree Cupcakes

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Looking to impress all of your Christmas party guests? Have a go at baking these wonderful Candy Cane Christmas Tree Cupcakes.

Full instructions on how to bake these can be found at the best ever baking site Bakerella.

Kids will love helping you ...

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Chocolate Gummy Bear Candy Craft

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I think these Chocolate Spa Gummy Bears would be great served on any party menu, cooking party activity or even an after dinner treat for the kids. I enlisted the help from Matt and Jodie using a premix chocolate pudding in lieu of my preferred

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Bug filled Lollipops - Yikes!

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These Bug filled lollipops are crazy and loved by all of our party guests. As a party lolly bag surprise or as a party game challenge, kids can’t get enough of these. We purchase these direct from the bugshop Australia

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