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I think these Chocolate Spa Gummy Bears would be great served on any party menu, cooking party activity or even an after dinner treat for the kids.
I enlisted the help from Matt and Jodie using a premix chocolate pudding in lieu of my preferred chocolate mouse mouse option.


Ingredients: Cottees Chocolate Instant Pudding 700ml full cream milk 12 Paper Eskimo cupcake papers Gummy Bears (lots)
Simply follow the Chocolate Pudding instructions and spoon into cupcake papers. Place Gummy Bears, parasols in for decoration. Refrigerate until set


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Minute to Win it Party fever has officially arrived. There is always the challenge of how to make this year’s party more awesome than last year. As kids get older, they want more than pass the parcel and treasure hunts. My 12 year old son is obsessed with the Minute to Win it game show.

All twenty two guests really enjoyed the Minute to Win it challenges. We split group into 2 teams and kept a running score for winning challenges. Bonus points were awarded for outstanding performances. I have listed the games we played below. The key to the success of a Minute to Win it party is – keeping the party moving along. Have challenges pre-prepared and waiting for quick transitioning. This will ensure you keep atmosphere hyped and full of energy!


Blind Ball

1) Cut 2 cardboard tubes so that each is in 2 pieces, with 1 piece twice as long as the other (2 short tubes and 2 long tubes). 2) Spread out the tubes in a playing area so that they stand vertically with a ball balanced on top of each. 3) After being blindfolded, the player is spun around 2 times then the clock begins. 4) When the clock starts, the player begins searching for a ball (without crawling). 5) If a ball touches the floor at any time, it is out of play. 6) To complete the game, player must obtain 2 balls (holding them at the same time) within the 60-second time limit.
4 inflatable balls (approximately 10″ diameter), 3 cardboard tubes (from gift wrap), 1 blindfold

Bucket Head

When the clock starts, player may grab 1 ball at a time and bounce it so that it hits the floor then wall before attempting to catch it in the bucket headgear.

Only balls caught behind the foul line may count toward total.

Ball must bounce directly from wall to bucket in order to score.

Player can’t play from a kneeling or seated position, or touch the bucket with the hands while trying to catch a ball.

To complete the game, player must catch and retain a total of 3 balls in the bucket atop the head within the 60-second time limit.
“bucket headgear” made of small bucket or water jug with top cut off and materials like a sweatband to keep it affixed to the head. Container of ping-pong balls. Wall with a foul line on the ground 5′ away
The game begins with 15 cans to the left of the building surface and the paper plates to the right of the building surface.

When the clock starts, player may start stacking the first can and plate.

To complete the game, player must have stacked 5 levels of cans with a paper plate between each level, and 5 cans on the uppermost plate.
15 empty soft drink cans, tabs removed, 4 paper plates
Chocolate Unicorn
When the clock starts, player may begin using 1 hand to stack snack cakes 1 at a time on the forehead.

If a cake or cakes fall, player may use the same hand to re stack them.

To complete the game, player must stack 7 snack cakes 1 atop the other on the forehead within the 60-second time limit so the freestanding structure stays that way for 3 seconds.
7 chocolate snack cakes
Double Trouble
Set glasses 2.5″ apart.

When the clock starts, player may use both hands to position ping-pong balls into the designated throwing hand.

Only 2 balls may be thrown at a time.

Balls must bounce at least 2′ away from the glasses.

To complete the game, player must toss 2 balls in a single throw, with a single hand within the 60 seconds so they land in the 2 glasses after a single bounce.
container of ping-pong balls, 2 pint glasses,  table
Elephant March
Knock over bottles with a baseball hanging from stockings worn on the head. (We wrapped the stockings around the waist as the head was too difficult)
Set up bottles in 2 rows, each row 8′ apart, with the foul line between the rows.

Each bottle should be placed 4′ apart in its respective row.

Place the baseball into a leg of the stocking, and wrap/tie the waist of the stocking around the waist.

When the clock starts, player may begin swinging baseball while keeping 1 foot on either side of the foul line.

Player may not use any part of body to propel the baseball.

To complete the game, player must knock over all 8 bottles within the 60-second time limit.
8 full plastic bottles 1 pair of panty hose 1 baseball foul line on the ground

Face the Cookie (Biscuit)
When the clock starts, player may grab the first cookie and place it on the forehead.

The cookie must remain in contact with the face (i.e. player may not toss the cookie from the forehead and catch it in the mouth).

If a cookie falls, player may reset an intact cookie on the forehead for the next attempt.

To complete the game, the player must hold an intact cookie 3 times with his or her mouth within the 60-second time limit.
at least 3 cookies
Johnny Apple stack
When the clock starts, player may begin stacking apples.

Player may not alter the apples in any way.

To complete the game, player must stack 5 apples so they are freestanding, 1 on top each other, within the 60-second time limit. They must remain freestanding for 3 seconds.
5 apples, table
Junk in the Trunk – This was the nest by far!
Fill the tissue box with ping-pong balls, then attach tissue box to the back of belt. Put on the belt with the tissue box sitting at the small of the back.

When the clock starts, player may begin moving body to shake the ping-pong balls out.

Player’s hands or arms may not touch the box or belt.

Player may only touch the floor with his or her feet.

To complete the game, player must get all 8 ping-pong balls out of the box within the 60 second time limit.
8 ping-pong balls, 1 empty tissue box, 1 belt
M&M Smiley Face Challenge
Place a bag of M&Ms into a bowl and give each player a straw. At about 3 feet apart from the table with the M&Ms, place another table with a paper plate on it. The object of this game is that the player needs to create a smiley face on the paper plate with the M&Ms.
The face includes 1 M&M for each eye, 1 M&M for the nose, and 6 M&Ms for the smile. The player must suck up an M&M with the straw, run over and place it in position on the paper plate, and continue until the entire smiley face is done.
Kids of this age will also love you filming their Minute to Win it challenges. These can be uploaded to YouTube to make the excitement of the party live on longer.   Other popular challenges we played included: Speed Eraser Spin Doctor and Building a Cardhouse

Have Fun!!!

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Looking to impress all of your Christmas party guests? Have a go at baking these wonderful Candy Cane Christmas Tree Cupcakes.

Full instructions on how to bake these can be found at the best ever baking site Bakerella.

Kids will love helping you create these. We had the kids construct the cupcakes last night at our street Christmas Party.

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The Mummy wrap game is a great game for both children and adults. It is a Halloween party staple but can also be played at any party event. You could even have a Christmas version – the Christmas Wrap! My sons loved playing it at their Superhero party where the kids captured and tied up the villian – (their Dad).

Here is how you play:

Rolls of toilet paper (some people like to use crepe paper), Newspaper (Optional),Alfoil (Optional)

Divide players into teams of two and give each pair a roll of toilet paper. Instruct one member of each team to race to wrap his partner, mummy-style, at the sound of the music. Teams must use up the whole roll, avoiding the head and wrapping arms separately from the torso.
Once wrapped, the mummy hops to a finish line, holding his arms to his sides and trying not to break any of the wrapping.

The first Mummy to the finish line wins.

We have played this game for years at my son’s parties. The boys love this game and we, as you can see from our latest get together, love to play this game too.



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Taste of home  is one of the best sources for easy and amazing recipes. When I was looking for some Christmas menu inspiration, I came across this Christmas Grinch Punch recipe. This would be a hit with the kids at Christmas and will definitely feature at the Rankin Christmas dinner!
Christmas Grinch Punch Recipe: from Taste of Home

  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 6 tablespoons plus 1/12 teaspoons of water
  • 1/3 cup evaporated milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract
  • 3/4 cup of milk
  • 12 drops of neon green food colour
  • 2 litres of lemon-lime soft drink
  • 2 Litres of vanilla ice cream

In a large saucepan, combine sugar and water. Cook and stir over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat. Stir in milk and almond extract. Transfer to a bowl and cool to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate until chilled.
Before serving transfer milk mixture to punch bowl. Stir in food colouring and soft drink. Top with generous scoops of ice cream. You could also try using sherbet to give it a bit more Christmas Fizz!

Thanks Taste of Home. Enjoy.


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It’s official…I think Sugar Siren Cakes have the best cupcakes in Australia, (if not the world!) Sugar Siren Cakes is situated in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. She creates beautiful hand made gourmet cakes, cookies & cupcakes using only quality ingredients. Just look at these amazing Christmas Cupcakes.

Now, if you want to know how to make these Santa Legs….here’s how. Mold Santa’s legs and feet using coloured fondant in red and black, then insert the feet into the top of the cupcake. We made the white trim on Santa’s boots with a slice of a small white gumdrop. White fondant would also work well.

Snowflake cupcakes Source: Sugar Siren Cakes
Christmas Pudding Cupcake Source: Sugar Siren Cakes
Christmas Bauble Cupcakes Source: Sugar Siren Cakes
Christmas Cupcakes Source: Sugar Siren Cakes
Boxed Christmas Cupcakes – What a beautiful present! Source: Sugar Siren Cakes

Our Fairy Princess was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She was on time and engaged the kids throughout with tons of activities. Face painting, Face gems and Bubbles were the highlights. She was really friendly and fun to be around. The 8 girls absolutely loved her and didn't want her to go. Really thank you for the amazing support and staff you recommended. Pleasure working with you Ken N Oct 2021