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Monthly Archive: May 2014

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My best friend’s birthday is coming up and she’s turning 13 (no longer a twelvie!) and I wanted to give her something really special to show her how much I love her as a friend. This gift is really just a door of opportunity, you can make it whatever you want. My bestie loves the beach and being outdoors and is just a really bubbly, colourful girl, so I went with that kind of theme. You can also do this with a glass jar, just make sure all of your things fit!

Tween gift in a jar, craft party perthj


What you decide to put into your vase depends on what your ‘present-receiver’s’ personality is like. Some of the things I put into my vase were:

  • Lollies  - she loves Nerds : )
  • Some small jewelry such as earrings and a friendship bracelet
  • Colourful motivational flags
  • Lip balm
  • A small memory book of printed out photos
  • A cute fish figurine because she loves all things ocean and beach
  • A mini chalkboard and chalk (only 5cm x 2cm)
  • Confetti made out of hole punch circles
  • Body spray
  • A small hanging wooden heart


I also filled the jar up with small decorative bits like:

  • A fake rose
  • Shells (for the beachy theme)
  • Ribbon
  • A feather
  • Buttons


Tween gift in a jar, perth craft party perth craft party, tween craft, gift in a jar

To finish up, I wrapped it in a big piece of colourful scrap fabric I had lying around and tied it up with a ribbon.

gift in a jar tween craft

I hope my bestie has a great birthday and enjoys her pressie. Happy birthday Special K!

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Stay tuned for more awesome DIY craft, food, beauty and friendship stuff!

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Follow Gracie's FROZEN Icy Hair braid steps in this hair tutorial and within 10 minutes, you’ll be rocking Elsa’s braid just like the Snow Queen herself. Oh....and enjoy the tunes whlist you learn smiley


Stay tuned for my Anna's Coronation Ceremony hairstyle at the end of this week!

Our Fairy Princess was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She was on time and engaged the kids throughout with tons of activities. Face painting, Face gems and Bubbles were the highlights. She was really friendly and fun to be around. The 8 girls absolutely loved her and didn't want her to go. Really thank you for the amazing support and staff you recommended. Pleasure working with you Ken N Oct 2021