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Whether it’s the season of love, or not at all, these DIY 3-D hanging hearts look gorgeous! Hung from a light or doorway, they add a cute touch and they are super easy to make!

You’ll need:

8 pieces of patterned paper, cut into identical heart shapes (I would suggest using a heart template that you can find online)


Glue or double sided tape


A small fake flower (optional)

Hot glue gun

Take two of your eight hearts, fold in half and glue one side of one heart to the other with tape or glue. Repeat this; however, glue the next heart onto the existing hearts.

When you have a stack of your hearts, stretch them out and check they are even (there is no excess sticking out or overlapping). If not, cut them off the excess to even them up.

Take your ribbon and fold it in half. In the open slit of the group of hearts, place a line of hot glue in that area.

Place the ribbon on top of the glue and wait for it to dry. Cut off the ribbon that pokes out the end. If you wish, you can also glue a small fake flower in the same place as the ribbon, so it sticks out the end.

Glue the remaining heart faces with glue or double sided tape to each other.

Hang your cute 3-D heart and admire it!

Stay tuned for more activities in the lead up to Valentine’s Day!


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I really have no idea what it is, but I REALLY like freshly cut flowers! I find that having a bunch of beautiful blooms somewhere in my room really lifts my spirits. Along with that, arranging flowers in cute and funky ways like ones I’ll show you, are a lot of fun!

Image Source : Style It Like You Stole  It

Hanging Wall Vase

This is a really cool way to add colour to an empty wall. Just make sure if you’re doing this project, that your parents are okay with having to drill a nail into the wall.

You’ll need:

Strong string (about 50 cm)

A glass vase or clear glass milk jug with a wide neck

A drill and nail


Get an adult to drill a nail into your desired wall.

Tie your string very tightly underneath the widest part of your vase neck.

Tie the remaining ends of string together to create a loop.

Hang your loop on the nail.

(Be very careful not to knock the vase over as the flowers will spill out and the vase will possible break).

Image Source : Style It Like You Stole It

Thrift Jars

Using old jars and cups from thrift stores is great for not only that your flowers look funky, but the money made from thrift stores like The Salvation Army and Vinnies, goes to helping their charity.

You’ll need:

A selection of cute jars, mugs, cups, vases, etc.

Go to your local thrift store and look at what vases and other kinds of ‘possible flower holders’ they have. I find that the funkiest looking vases aren’t actually vases at all! Cookie jars, tall pattered mugs and ceramic old fashioned ilk mugs look cute. 

Image Source: Keen and Fitting

Floral Monogram

Okay, so these flowers may not actually be real flowers, but this still looks so funky, especially on a bare wall or bedroom door.

You’ll need:

A 3D cardboard letter

Floral foam

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Fake flowers


Craft scalpel


Ask an adult to cut off the front of your 3D letter.

Cut to size and fill your letter with floral foam, gluing it down with the hot glue.

Take your fake flowers and chop the actual flower heads off with a couple of centimeters of stem to spare.

Play around with positioning and press the flowers into the floral foam and glue them down with the hot glue gun.

Hang on your desired wall or door, etc.

Image Source: Urbanicpaper

Simply Pop in a Jar and Adorne with a Ribbon

Image Source: Style It Like You Stole It

Sometimes in life, the best things are the simplest. Nothing more to say.

You’ll need:

A mason jar

A matching coloured ribbon

A tiny bit of clear tape


Take your mason jar and wrap the ribbon around the neck of the jar.

Tie a bow in the desired position and put a bit of tape on the back of the jar, over the ribbon (so the ribbon stays there).

Simply cut some beautiful flowers, fill your vase with water and admire them!

Stay tuned for more activities in the lead up to Valentines Day!

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is your son or daughter obsessed with Superheroes? Superhero parties for boys and girls is a fun theme for children aged from 3 to 7 years. In Perth, our talented Encore Performer Esther,  comes from an extremely creative Melbourne family. Esther has put her university holidays to great use to sketch out our 2014 Superhero Face Painting designs. Do you like her designs? Which one is your favourite?

You can add facepainting to your Superhero Party for some added fun smiley


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{Day 7 : Tween Valentines Day Calendar} 

Chocolate Mousse is definitely one of my all time favourite desserts. The thought of it even makes my mouth water! What’s even better than the taste, is that this chocolate indulgence is super easy to make! 

Decadent Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries and White Chocolate Bubble Wrap Shards Recipe

Makes 8, or if you’re feeling a little more hungry devil 6


For the Mousse 

400g of good quality milk chocolate

4 eggs

1/3 cup of caster sugar

1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder

400mL thickened cream

To serve


White chocolate melts (for the bubble wrap shards)


1. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave (about a minute and a half to start off). Stir the chocolate and microwave at 30 second intervals until melted.

2. Cut a piece of bubble wrap (make sure it is clean and has been minimally touched). Pour the white chocolate onto the bubble warp, bubble side up and spread into an even layer (around 2mm thin).

3. Leave the chocolate to set on the bench.

4. Once the chocolate is set, peel of the bubble wrap, break the chocolate up into shards and place in an airtight container. Store in the fridge until serving time.

5. Roughly chop the milk chocolate and place in a microwave proof bowl. Microwave on high for a minute or until melted. Set aside to cool for a bit.

6. Place eggs and sugar in a large bowl and beat with electric beaters for 5 minutes, or until it’s thick and pale yellow in colour. Fold in the cooled chocolate and cocoa powder until combined.

7. In a separate bowl, whip the cream until it holds soft peaks (if you run a spoon through it, it ill hold shape).

8. Use a spatula to carefully fold the cream into the mixture, trying to keep the mixture as light as possible (don’t over mix it!). 

9. Spoon into 8 serving glasses and chill in the fridge for at least 1 ½ hours (I would recommend making this all the day before).

10. Top with the white chocolate bubble wrap shards and strawberries.

11. Eat and  Bon appétit!

Stay tuned for more ways to enjoy your lead up to Valentines Day.

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There’s no one but that group of people who we know we can always be ourselves around – our besties! They really do bring out the best in us, cheer us up when we’re sad and can be trusted to keep their lips sealed with even the juiciest secret! To show how much you love your main gals, gather them round and take this quiz to discover more about each other and how strong your super-glue girl bond is! Download a copy of your your Friendship Quiz

Each girl will need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.  Match each girl to either a , b, c, d or e.  You can match more than one girl to each possibility. Make sure you don’t reveal your answers to each other until the very end!


1. If each of your friends was a smoothie, which flavor would they be?

a. Berry Nice Blend (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apple juice, strawberry sorbet)

b. Crazy Coconutty Concoction (coconut, mango, banana, coconut milk, vanilla ice cream)

c. Banana Bonanza (banana, honey, dates, vanilla ice cream, milk)

d. Watermelon Wave (watermelon, grapefruit, mint, coconut water)

e. Ooh La La Orange (orange, lemon, grapefruit, guava, coconut water)

(You could even try making any of these smoothies after you quiz! They all taste yummy!)


2. Admit it! Everyone has some sort of bad habit! Which of these habits would each girl be most likely to have?

a. Having a messy room

b. Chewing with her mouth open/ talking while her mouth is full

c. Laughing at someone else’s expense

d. Using the word ‘like’ too much

e. Hogging certain things


3.If each girl was stuck on a deserted island from a plane crash and only had time to grab one bag filled with the contents below, which bag would they choose?

a. Matches, water purifier, Swiss Army Pocket Knife, flares

b. First aid kit, 10L of water, dehydrated food, soap

c. Towel, book, hammock, hat

d. Coconut drill (to get water out of coconuts), hiking shoes, bandana, sunscreen

e. Fairy floss scented body wash, hairbrush, perfume, jewelry


4. If each girl lived out the life of a movie character instead of their own, which character’s personality would suit them best?

a. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

b. Gloria the Hippo (Madagascar)

c. Dory (Finding Nemo)

d. Audrey (The Lorax)

e. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)


5. If each girl could only listen to one band or artist for the rest of their life, who would they listen to?

a. One Direction

b. Taylor Swift

c. Rhianna

d. Katy Perry

e. Samantha Jade


6. If you hadn’t seen each girl in 25 years from now and they said they were living somewhere exotic in the world, where do you think they would most likely be living?

a. New York

b. Paris

c. London

d. California

e. Australia (specify the place in Australia)


7. If each girl was to write a book, which genre/type of book would they have most likely written about?

a. A series about girls just like you, for your age

b. A cookbook

c. An autobiography (a book about their life. Celebrities and famous people usually write these)

d. A children’s picture book

e. Sci-fi, fantasy or paranormal


8. If each girl was a nature fairy, what type of nature fairy would they be?

a. Flower fairy – looks after the flowers and makes sure they bloom beautifully

b. Water fairy – cares for the lakes and creeks and the animals that live in them

c. Wind fairy – controls the wind and the effects of the wind on nature

d. Fire fairy – controls fire and the effects of fire on nature such as bushfires

e. Earth Fairy – makes sure the soil is full of nutrients so the plants of the world can grow


9. If each girl ran a fashion line that feature clothes that are like their style, what type of clothes would their fashion line feature?

a. Punky, tom boy clothes – distressed jeans, checker patterns

b. Lacy, girl clothes – pink dresses and frilly skirts

c. Shiny, sparkly clothes – anything that has sequins or that glows

d. Bohemian, urban clothes – flowy pants and lots of funky jewelry

e. Eclectic (a little bit of everything) – everything above combined to create one unique style or look


10. If each girl could only wear one colour for the rest of her life, which colour would they choose to wear?

a. Pink

b. Blue

c. White

d. Coral (a mixture between pink and orange)

e. Yellow


Now you can reveal your answers to each other! Go around your group and reveal what you thought for each girl. If all thought the same thing for a certain girl, you sure are a tight group of BFFs!


Enjoy discovering more about your besties and stay tuned for more ways to love yourself in the lead up to Valentine’s Day!


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Individual party food boxes for your guests is an easy food option that takes the stress out of party planning. In fact, my experience as an entertainer has shown me that kids of all ages love them.

You can personalise the food boxes with stickers, custom name labels, ribbon, glitter - the sky's the limit!
party food box, birthday party catering, birthday cakes perth, birthday party catering perth
The party food box above has been filled with:

  • Fairy Bead
  • Honey Joy
  • Pop corn
  • Home made jelly
  • Quarter cheese sandwich
  • Strawberry
  • Party napkin
  • Plastic spoon for the jelly

Pair the party food box with a Pop Top drink with each child's name on it for easy reference and you are set.

Hot food such as Sausage rolls, party pies, mini pizza, hot dogs can be placed in the middle of the party table for children to take as they wish.

Where do I purchase the boxes from?
United States : Papermart
Australia: Vital Pacakaging , Orange Tree Kids Catering Catered Food Boxes - Hungry Little Monsters
UK: Amazon

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This gift is seriously easy and inexpensive to make. As you would have gathered in past posts, I believe V-Day isn’t just about that ‘special someone’, but on a whole, about all the people who you love (including yourself!).  This gift looks great on a dressing table and with battery-powered lights; you can put in virtually anywhere.

Cute valentines day gift, DIY valentines day craft, valentines day tween craft, craft party perth

Day 12 How to Make a Cute DIY Valentine'd Gift

To make it, you will need:

White or pink wool

Sticky tape, preferably clear

Copper wire or pipe cleaners joined together

Wire cutters and pliers (if using copper wire)

valentines Day craft, tween craft, craft party perth

1. Using the pliers or just your hands, bend the wire or pipe cleaners into a continuous shape of the word ‘love’ (If you wish, you could choose any word or shape you like).

valentines day DIY craft, tween craft, craft party for girls perth

2. Take your wool and tape it to the start of the word. Start wrapping the wool around the wire/pipe cleaners very tightly, making sure to leave no gaps.

3. When you have finished wrapping the wool around the word, tape the tip of the wool to the end of the word.

cute valentines day craft for girls, tween valentines day craft, craft party for girls perth

4.Tie on a piece of string and hang somewhere or wrap nicely and present to someone you love!

Stay tuned for more ways to enjoy the lead up to Valentine’s Day!

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Tammy from Mystique Cake Creations, Perth Western Australia is truly a cake decorating artist. Her cakes are amazing and proving popular this year are her Disney's Frozen Movie birthday cakes. Tammy can create any Frozen inspired cake for your child's birthday party including, Olaf as pictured below, Elas's Ice Princess Castle, Anna and Kristoff cake, North Mountain - you name it and she has created it. Have a look at what Olaf Frozen Cake design has captured the hearts and magic for many little girl's Frozen birthday party in Perth this year.

Please share your Frozen Cake's with us, we would love to see them smiley

Mystique cake creations, birthday cake perth, Frozen birthday cake perth, Olaf birthday cake, cake decorator perth,

mystique cake creations perth, cake decorator perth, frozen birthday cake, olaf frozen birthday cake, cake delivery perth,

If you would love Tammy to help you create the most magnificent Frozen birthday celebration cake, visit Mystique Cake Creations website or Face Book Page for more information.


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Esther has been hard at work again this week with the creation of a Rapunzel and Ariel Face Painting designs. What do you think? We love them! We would love to see your Princess Face painting photos - please send them in for others to be inspired smiley

If you reside in Perth, and are looking for a quality Face Painter for your party or event, visit our Perth Face Painting Services page  

face painting perth, face painting and balloon twisting perth, princess party perth, tag paintface painting party perth, facepainting events, face painting and balloon twisting perth


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How to Wrap Yourself Like a Gift with a Cute Bow Hairstyle
This hairstyle suits medium to long length hair. This ‘do may seem hard at first and you may need some help, but if you get good at it, it looks really cute. Also make sure you have everything on hand so you don’t have to go searching for it in the middle of doing your bow. I would also suggest doing this in front of a mirror.
You’ll need:
A hair elastic
6-8 bobby pins
A hairbrush
Hair spray
1. Brush your hair so it is free of any knots or tangles. Your hair will also have to be fully dry and fairly clean.
2. Sweep your hair up into a pony tail on the very crown of your head and pull your hair though like a normal pony, except don’t pull it all the way through – be sure to leave around 5 or 6 cm of hair out like this so you can form your bow.
3. You should be left with a bit of an odd looking loop. Halve the excess ‘ribbon’ that you left out and swing round to the front and pin it on your head to keep it out of the way for the moment.
4. Section your loop into half and pin it down to create the two loops of a bow.
5. Take the bit of hair you pinned down on the front of your head, twist it up and pin it at the back of your head so it forms the  centre bit of your bow. Make sure you use lots of bobby pins for this (around 4) to secure it properly.

6. Section your loop into half and pin it down to create the two loops of a bow.

6. Spritz with a bit of hairspray to keep it in place.
7. Voila! Vous avez terminé! You are finished! (How’s a bit of French? Paris is the city of love!)
Image credit:  ( We Heart It )
Just remember – “Pour s'aimer soi-même est le début d'une romance à vie." - Oscar Wilde (Yes, more French) "To love oneself is the start of a lifelong romance." - Oscar Wilde
I hope you enjoyed the lead up to Valentine’s Day!
Stay tuned for more DIY craft, food, beauty and friendship stuff!
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After redecorating my room recently, I was left with some blank canvases. As the crafter I am, I kept these knowing I could easily up-cycle them. And look what came out of it! This would so totally be a great birthday present or cute piece of art to hang on a bare wall. enlightened

craft party perth, tween party perth, tween craft ideas, crafts for girls

You will need:

canvas wall art craft, tween crafts, craft party perth

A small blank canvas



Black fine liner

Paint (I chose to use a variety of colours and make an ombre sunset look)

Flat letter stickers



Paint cloth (to wipe your brush on - an old flannel will do)

A couple of sheets of an old newspaper to stop from painting the table 

tween craft ideas


1. Rule a few light pencil lines. This is where you’re going to stick your letters and ruling the lines will also make sure you put them on straight!

tween craft party perth, party for girls perth, craft for tweens

2. Stick on your stickers spelling out a certain phrase (I used ‘Weird is Rad’)

tween crafts

3. Start painting and gradually mix and blend your paint so you can’t distinguish any lines of colour. (Remember to paint over the letters!)

tween craft party for girls perth, craft party perth, pamper parties perth, sleepover parties perth, tween craft ideas

4. Leave the paint to dry.

tween crafts, craft party perth for girls, sleepover party crafts, tween craft ideas

5. Peel off your letters, revealing the untouched white. Note your letters won’t be perfectly white as some of the paint may have gotten under your letters. Just remember that imperfection is perfection and weird is rad!

Tween canvas wall art craft, canvas painting, tween bedroom, carft party perth, crafts for tweens

6. Outline your letters.

Tween canvas wall art craft, craft party perth for girls, craft party ideas, sleepover party craft

7. Hang on a wall and admire!


Stay tuned for more awesome DIY craft, food, beauty and friendship stuff!

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Making fake snow is as easy as can be and the best news is it uses only 2 ingredients! Follow these simple instructions to find out how. This fake snow would be a perfect Frozen Party decoartion too smiley

How to make fake snow, frozen party perth, frozen part decoration

You can make a snowball into any shape you like. We love this heart shape snowball from Stuffpoint

What you will need:

500g box of McKenzie's Bi-Carb Soda

1 can of Shaving Foam

How to make fake snow

Instructions on how to make Fake Snow

1. Empty the whole 500g box of Baking Soda into a large bowl

2. Slowly mix up to half a can of Shaving Foam with the baking soda.

3. That's it you are finished!

How to make fake snow with 2 ingredients

Added Fake Snow Fun

Add some iridescent white glitter to make it sparkly

Drop your snowballs into a bowl of vinegar to make snow ball bombs!

Store your fake snow in the fridge to make it icy cold just like real snow



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Family Food traditions are a great way of preserving family memories. How are you preserving your family memories and handing down your favourite recipes? What is your signature family dish? We would love you to share these with us smiley

Some of my most treasured childhood memories are from the regular Booth Family gatherings. Complete with the BBQ plates, the kids rug, Uncle Doug's Spaghetti bolognaise and sausage rolls, Mum's deviled eggs, Ken and Bev's curry, Grandma's Pavlova, watermelon balls, and on birthday celebrations - Aunty Lois's Cream Butterfly cakes. They were the BOMB! Booth cousins scrambled for one of those cream butterfly cakes - light, sweet and very Moorish. 

Aunty Lois, pictured below. 

Lois Booth Fremantle

Aunty Lois's Cream Butterfly Cupcake Recipe

2 cups SR flour

pinch salt

¾ cup caster sugar

4 ozs butter

1 tspn vanilla

2 eggs

¾ cup milk

How to make Cream Butterfly cupcakes, butterfly cream cupcake recipe, retro butterfly cakes


Sift dry ingredients into mixing bowl

Add softened butter, vanilla, eggs and milk

Beat with electric mixer at low speed for one minute then increase speed and beat for extra two minutes.

Bake approximately 15 minutes in hot oven (180 degrees)

When cool, cut tops off each cake to create a small hollow.

Fill hollow with whipped cream and replace tops (which can be cut in half to create a butterfly effect).

Dust with icing sugar.

Makes 2 doz.



Just wanted to say a huge thank you. Firstly Ariel was fantastic she was so amazing with the kids could not recommend highly enough. The face painter was so incredible...looking at photos of the kids the day after couldn’t believe how amazing the paintings were. Would definitely use your company again. Tara B Sep 2021