Aunty Lois's Cream Butterfly Cake Recipe

Aunty Lois's Cream Butterfly Cake Recipe

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Family Food traditions are a great way of preserving family memories. How are you preserving your family memories and handing down your favourite recipes? What is your signature family dish? We would love you to share these with us smiley

Some of my most treasured childhood memories are from the regular Booth Family gatherings. Complete with the BBQ plates, the kids rug, Uncle Doug's Spaghetti bolognaise and sausage rolls, Mum's deviled eggs, Ken and Bev's curry, Grandma's Pavlova, watermelon balls, and on birthday celebrations - Aunty Lois's Cream Butterfly cakes. They were the BOMB! Booth cousins scrambled for one of those cream butterfly cakes - light, sweet and very Moorish. 

Aunty Lois, pictured below. 

Lois Booth Fremantle

Aunty Lois's Cream Butterfly Cupcake Recipe

2 cups SR flour

pinch salt

¾ cup caster sugar

4 ozs butter

1 tspn vanilla

2 eggs

¾ cup milk

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Sift dry ingredients into mixing bowl

Add softened butter, vanilla, eggs and milk

Beat with electric mixer at low speed for one minute then increase speed and beat for extra two minutes.

Bake approximately 15 minutes in hot oven (180 degrees)

When cool, cut tops off each cake to create a small hollow.

Fill hollow with whipped cream and replace tops (which can be cut in half to create a butterfly effect).

Dust with icing sugar.

Makes 2 doz.



The girls really had so much fun, they loved doing the activities and dance. Everyone was very happy. My daughter said this is her best birthday party ever. Thank you for making the birthday so special Neeta Jul 2018