DIY Hungry Caterpillar Party Crafts

DIY Hungry Caterpillar Party Crafts

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If you are hosting a Hungry Caterpillar party for your Toddler then  you will love these party crafts that Toddler Approved have designed. Kids will love painting their Hungry Caterpillar Hats, Balloon Printed Caterpillars, counting Caterpillars with M&Ms and they will adore creating Froot Loop Caterpillars for them to take home.

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If you would like some help with hosting a Hungry Caterpillar party for your child, then a Design Your Own Party from Encore will suit you. Chidlren love playing pin the Head on the Caterpillar, Going on a Hungry Caterpillar hunt, Musical Hungry Caterpillar, storytelling, crafts,  Pass the caterpillar and more. 

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