Star Wars Themed Game : Defend against the First Order

Star Wars Themed Game : Defend against the First Order

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A New Star Wars The Force Awakens Game each day this week for Perth Families! Make your DIY the BEST in the Galaxy.

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Picture source : Domesticated Nomad

How to Play Defend against the First Order


You will need:

Two Hula Hoops and 10 bean bags


Played one on one, each person stands inside a hula hoop and they have to toss bean bags into the other person's hoop while defending their own. The person who gets the most bean bags to land and stay in their opponent's hoop wins. Simple! 


Tips: Play this game two players at a time (select from the guests) and time the activity for 60 seconds. Have a knockout round where winning player remains until knocked out.


May the Force be with you

The girls really had so much fun, they loved doing the activities and dance. Everyone was very happy. My daughter said this is her best birthday party ever. Thank you for making the birthday so special Neeta Jul 2018