How to Hair Chalk your hair

How to Hair Chalk your hair

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There's a new Tween trend that is popular at our tween girl parties in Perth - Hair Chalk. Girls love creating their own colourful hair with curls in a rainbow of colours smiley

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Our Hair-chalking tips

  • Take a piece of chalk and run it along the strand of hair until it’s colored.
  • No matter what color your hair, apply the chalk to dry hair first. If you have darker hair and the chalk isn’t showing up, then dampen the hair before applying.
  • If you have blonde hair, do not wet the hair before chalking unless you want the colour to stay in longer.
  • Using a curling or flat iron after chalking can help seal your hair, if needed.
  • Shake or brush the chalk out of your hair before you wash it. Getting chalked hair wet could stain your hair. If you use a clarifying shampoo will remove the colour more quickly
  • Protect your clothes and hands. Wear gloves and smock or towel to keep chalk from getting on you while you’re applying it. Chalk can flake off while it’s in your hair, so it’s a good idea not to wear light clothesDon’t do this near the water/beach or on a rainy day as the colour will run (on to your clothes).



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