Re-vamp an old gold chain bracelet

Re-vamp an old gold chain bracelet

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Whether you stumbled across your Mum’s old jewellery or you are looking for a cute easy DIY gift, re-vamping a chain bracelet is fun, easy and cheap. This is a great craft to bust your Perth school holiday boredom

You’ll Need:

A gold chain bracelet – if you don’t have one, you can easily find them in thrift stores or alternatively raid Mum or Gran’s jewelry collection (just make sure to check with them first).

12 x40cm pieces of colourful string – stick to a maximum of 5 colours or it may look a bit busy. This will work out that you will have to cut 2 or 3 bits of string per colour.

Pliers and clip with clasp – if your gold bracelet doesn’t have anything to join it together, you will have to put this on at the end

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Start by knotting the string together at the top. Separate the strands into two equal sections.

Take one section and thread it through the first link in your chain.  Take the other section and lay it on top of the other (the one that has been threaded through).

Thread the non-threaded section from the bottom into the same link as the other.

Take the section that you first threaded and thread into the next link.

Again, take the non-threaded section, place it on top of the other and thread it through, from the bottom into the second link.

Repeat this pattern until you have threaded the entire bracelet.

When you reach the end, if your bracelet does not have a clasp, use the pliers to open up the clasp link, attach the clasp and close the link up on the end bit of your bracelet.


Wear your bracelet with pride or wrap it nicely and give to someone special. 

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