Tween Quiz : Love your Besties Friendship Quiz

Tween Quiz : Love your Besties Friendship Quiz

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There’s no one but that group of people who we know we can always be ourselves around – our besties! They really do bring out the best in us, cheer us up when we’re sad and can be trusted to keep their lips sealed with even the juiciest secret! To show how much you love your main gals, gather them round and take this quiz to discover more about each other and how strong your super-glue girl bond is! Download a copy of your your Friendship Quiz

Each girl will need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.  Match each girl to either a , b, c, d or e.  You can match more than one girl to each possibility. Make sure you don’t reveal your answers to each other until the very end!


1. If each of your friends was a smoothie, which flavor would they be?

a. Berry Nice Blend (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apple juice, strawberry sorbet)

b. Crazy Coconutty Concoction (coconut, mango, banana, coconut milk, vanilla ice cream)

c. Banana Bonanza (banana, honey, dates, vanilla ice cream, milk)

d. Watermelon Wave (watermelon, grapefruit, mint, coconut water)

e. Ooh La La Orange (orange, lemon, grapefruit, guava, coconut water)

(You could even try making any of these smoothies after you quiz! They all taste yummy!)


2. Admit it! Everyone has some sort of bad habit! Which of these habits would each girl be most likely to have?

a. Having a messy room

b. Chewing with her mouth open/ talking while her mouth is full

c. Laughing at someone else’s expense

d. Using the word ‘like’ too much

e. Hogging certain things


3.If each girl was stuck on a deserted island from a plane crash and only had time to grab one bag filled with the contents below, which bag would they choose?

a. Matches, water purifier, Swiss Army Pocket Knife, flares

b. First aid kit, 10L of water, dehydrated food, soap

c. Towel, book, hammock, hat

d. Coconut drill (to get water out of coconuts), hiking shoes, bandana, sunscreen

e. Fairy floss scented body wash, hairbrush, perfume, jewelry


4. If each girl lived out the life of a movie character instead of their own, which character’s personality would suit them best?

a. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

b. Gloria the Hippo (Madagascar)

c. Dory (Finding Nemo)

d. Audrey (The Lorax)

e. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)


5. If each girl could only listen to one band or artist for the rest of their life, who would they listen to?

a. One Direction

b. Taylor Swift

c. Rhianna

d. Katy Perry

e. Samantha Jade


6. If you hadn’t seen each girl in 25 years from now and they said they were living somewhere exotic in the world, where do you think they would most likely be living?

a. New York

b. Paris

c. London

d. California

e. Australia (specify the place in Australia)


7. If each girl was to write a book, which genre/type of book would they have most likely written about?

a. A series about girls just like you, for your age

b. A cookbook

c. An autobiography (a book about their life. Celebrities and famous people usually write these)

d. A children’s picture book

e. Sci-fi, fantasy or paranormal


8. If each girl was a nature fairy, what type of nature fairy would they be?

a. Flower fairy – looks after the flowers and makes sure they bloom beautifully

b. Water fairy – cares for the lakes and creeks and the animals that live in them

c. Wind fairy – controls the wind and the effects of the wind on nature

d. Fire fairy – controls fire and the effects of fire on nature such as bushfires

e. Earth Fairy – makes sure the soil is full of nutrients so the plants of the world can grow


9. If each girl ran a fashion line that feature clothes that are like their style, what type of clothes would their fashion line feature?

a. Punky, tom boy clothes – distressed jeans, checker patterns

b. Lacy, girl clothes – pink dresses and frilly skirts

c. Shiny, sparkly clothes – anything that has sequins or that glows

d. Bohemian, urban clothes – flowy pants and lots of funky jewelry

e. Eclectic (a little bit of everything) – everything above combined to create one unique style or look


10. If each girl could only wear one colour for the rest of her life, which colour would they choose to wear?

a. Pink

b. Blue

c. White

d. Coral (a mixture between pink and orange)

e. Yellow


Now you can reveal your answers to each other! Go around your group and reveal what you thought for each girl. If all thought the same thing for a certain girl, you sure are a tight group of BFFs!


Enjoy discovering more about your besties and stay tuned for more ways to love yourself in the lead up to Valentine’s Day!


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely Unicorn/fairy party for my Averie and her friends last Saturday on June 4th. You were very kind and generous to the girls, they all had a blast and were very happy! It was the best decision to keep it small and Averie had a magical morning. And how generous the cafe was to let us occupy the whole gazebo, I really didn’t expect that. Unicorn Tea Party Jun 2022