Junior Chef Cooking Party Plan

Junior Chef Cooking Party Plan

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Gracie hosted a Junior Masterchef party for her 11th birthday (a few moons ago), with her friends at home! It really was a hit for older girls and a great slumber party theme so we thought we would share the party love with a full detailed Cooking party plan for you to follow.

All girls received upon arrival their very own designer Hip Hostess Apron

Hip Hostess designer aprons...lovely

Candy Kebobs As a warm up activity we designed Candy Kebobs. These are simple to assemble with colourful lollies, strap, snakes, marshmallows onto a bamboo skewer. Party Tip: Spray the stick with Canola Oil to ensure lollies feed thru easily.


Candy Kebabs were placed in a plastic bag decorated with ribbon bow


Candy Kebab design station
Hold the skewer horizontally so not to skewer yourself!

Next we prepared Chocolate Mousse This activity illustrated measuring skills, melting chocolate, whipping cream and folding ingredients. The end result was enjoyed by all the girls at the party table.



Vanilla Cupcake Baking was next on our Junior Masterchef party plan. Girls followed the Vanilla Cupcake recipe instructions working together and delegating key tasks: sifting, measuring, mixing using the Kitchen Aid, spooning into the cupcake wrappers.




 An essential party of any party plan is in fact, the planning ahead. We had pre-prepared a batch of cupcakes ready for the cupcake decorating challenge. The cupcake decorating activity Ranked Number 1 for the girls at this party. Girls could choose from an array of various fondant cupcake toppers, coloured dream whip icing, coloured shredded coconut, M&M's, lollies, mini marshmallows, silver cashells etc.. The key was to have a large choice, so the cupcake designs were original and varied.

Cupcake design competition entries
Lady Bird Cupcake
Decorating two cupcakes - one for judging, one to take home
Take home plastic cupcake containers
Matt Moran's cupcake design....a bit busy...
Was this the winning entry?

Cowboy Cookies in a Jar was our next challenge. 

Cookies in a Jar

Finally it was time to sit at our designer table setting. We chose an Oriental theme with purple, pink, gold and turquoise blue hues.

Party Table Centrepiece
Oriental material covering canvas frames served as simple table features

Girls enjoyed home made beef hamburgers, whilst playing  Celebrity Head and the special Potato Chip Taste test.

Potato Chip Taste Test

Games you could play at a Kids Cooking Party could include:

Set the Table  Divide guests into two teams and provide each team with a box with everything to set the table -tablecloth, cutlery, napkins, place mat, glasses. It's handy to also include a picture of a perfectly set table. The task is completed one team at a time. It is a timed activity with the shortest time for a correctly set table wins.

Popcorn Relay Divide the guests into two teams and give each team a large bucket of popcorn and a large serving spoon. A few meters away from each team, place an empty large bowl. Each member of the team has to fill their spoon with popcorn, run up to the empty bowl and deposit the popcorn. They then run back to the team and someone else has a go. Set a timer and when the time is up see which team has transferred the most popcorn. 

Taste Test Have ten different spreads, sauces, lollies, spice....anything you can find, and place in small bowls. Guests are blindfolded and must guess correctly the items. The winner is the person who correctly guesses the most items.

Potato Chip Test Get 5 different brands of potato chips (they should all be similar in style) and put a large number of each in 5 numbered bowls. Hide the bags. Give each player a pad of paper to record which they like the most and write down any comments about them. After everyone is done, bring out the 5 different bags and have them pick which chips goes to each brand. Let them read their comments. 

The Chocolate Game Make a circle. In the middle of the circle place a plate full of Chocolate M&M's and a pair of cooking gloves. Each player takes a turn at throwing a dice. If you roll a six, run into the centre of the circle and place the cooking gloves on. You then must pick up M&M's with the gloves and place in your mouth (harder than it sounds). Meanwhile, your friends are rolling the dice. Once someone else has rolled a six, you take off  and hand over the cooking gloves. They are only allowed to eat one M&M at a time and finish it before they have another.

Napkin Folding Great instructions can be found at Napkin Folding Guide

Use your Noodle You need a bag of uncooked penne pasta and a bag of uncooked spaghetti pasta. The penne is spread out on a table and each child has to try and pick up as many pieces of penne as they can, using a single 'stick' of spaghetti with one hand behind their back. 

Chef Hat Craft  An alternative to buying the Chef hats could be making them. Girls would love this craft activity. I believe it should be aimed at 9yrs+ Instruction can be found at Disney Family Fun

We had so much fun at the Kids MasterChef Party. I hope you have fun at yours! 

I'm writing to let you know how impressed we were with Austin today. Such a class act! He was really enthusiastic and did a wonderful job of keeping the boys entertained with all sorts of soccer games. Thanks to Austin and your team at Encore Kids Parties for making my son's 6th birthday party so successful and memorable. T. Nov 2023