I'm soooooo bored!

I'm soooooo bored!

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Hi, I’m Gracie. I'm a 13 year old crafter, passionate foodie, beauty queen and a hater of boredom- that’s me!

We all get bored sometimes. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon or you’ve run out of fun to do with your besties, I have a fix for you. I’ll be posting activities that are easy and a load of fun for tweens aged 8 to 13 years. 

So instead of saying “I’m sooooo bored!” , you’ll be saying “I’m having such a blast!” Stay tuned cheeky


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Captain America & Spider man we’re amazing at Ryan’s birthday party today! They had the kids laughing, playing, dancing & fully entertained from start to finish. And spider mans dance moves were awesome, he entertained the parents as well. Captain America & Spider man were far better than we could have ever expected. Please be sure to give a big thanks to both of them. Ryan had an amazing birthday party & I’m sure he’ll always remember it. Ashley G Jul 2021