I'm soooooo bored!

I'm soooooo bored!

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Hi, I’m Gracie. I'm a 13 year old crafter, passionate foodie, beauty queen and a hater of boredom- that’s me!

We all get bored sometimes. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon or you’ve run out of fun to do with your besties, I have a fix for you. I’ll be posting activities that are easy and a load of fun for tweens aged 8 to 13 years. 

So instead of saying “I’m sooooo bored!” , you’ll be saying “I’m having such a blast!” Stay tuned cheeky


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The girls really had so much fun, they loved doing the activities and dance. Everyone was very happy. My daughter said this is her best birthday party ever. Thank you for making the birthday so special Neeta Jul 2018