How to make your own time capsule

How to make your own time capsule

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When I look back at photo albums from ages ago, it’s really interesting to see what I was like when I was younger. A time capsule ‘captures’ that moment, except instead of it just being photos, it can be anything you like!

Making a time capsule is a great thing to make as a way to look back on who you were when you made it or a fun activity to do with your besties to mark your friendship and fun times.

What you want to put in your time capsule s a completely personal thing. I wanted to show the things I liked, I achieved and the fun times I had.

A few things to consider putting in there are:

·         A magazine

·         Photos of your best friends

·         Medals

·         Diaries

·         Souvenirs or items that are special to you

·         A letter written to your future self 

Time capsule contents, how to make a time capsule

If you are writing a letter to your future self, consider noting your favourite things at the time (e.g. your favourite teacher, favourite food, favourite book/TV show/movie, etc.)

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Once you have gathered the items that you want to put in your time capsule, find a box large enough to hold these items. If you want, you could decorate the box with wrapping paper and pens.

All you have to do now is find a suitable place* to keep your box and forget about it! You may wish to have a certain date where you open the box, such as your 21st birthday or on new years day in a decade.

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Many people choose to bury their time capsules in the ground. I wouldn’t recommend this a s the contents may decompose or you may forget where it is or that you even buried it! The best option is to put your time capsule on a high shelf in a dark, dry cupboard where it is safe from moisture or put your items into a specially made time capsule canister and note clearly where the time capsule is buried.

Have fun making them and comment what you put in your time capsule!

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