How to Host a Peppa Pig Birthday Party

How to Host a Peppa Pig Birthday Party

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Peppa Pig parties have become the rage with hosting #peppasthemeparkparty March this year in the UK and the popular Children's Theater show Peppa Pig Live Treasure Hunt coming to Perth January 2014. Young children love Peppa Pig and will enjoy playing games with a Peppa Pig twist. Here's how to host the best Peppa Pig party ever!

When children first arrive have them color in Peppa Pig Coloring sheets or alternatively create their very own Peppa Pig mask from Paper plates/ egg carton pieces and pink poster paint.Image Source:

Once everyone has arrived, it's now time to play!

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles

Cut  brown card board "puddles" for children to dance around when the music is playing (Peppa Pig Theme song is a hit to use here). When the music stops, each child must find their very own muddy puddle to "splash in". Each round a muddy puddle is removed (one less than total number of children participating). When a child finds themselves without a muddy puddle to splash in, they are rewarded with a Peppa Pig sticker and help the host with music and cheering.

Peppa Pig Treasure Hunt

Young children are unable to follow complicated treasure hunt clues so why not print a number of Peppa Pig Character pictures for you to hide prior to the party. Introduce to the children the various characters such as Peppa Pig, George Pig, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Granny Pig, Grandpa Pig, Chloe Pig, Miss Rabbit, Rebecca Rabbit, Grampy Rabbit and so on...explain that you need their help to find all of Peppa Pig's friends and it is a race to find them in quick time! You can download copies of the Characters

Pin the Curly Tail on Peppa Pig

Children love the traditional game Pin the Tail. Why not have the birthday child paint/color a poster of Peppa pig and hang in your party space. Each child is blindfolded one at a time and given a curly pink tail to pin on Peppa. The closest curly tail wins!

Pass the Peppa Pig

If you have a Peppa Pig fan in the house then you will most definately have a Peppa Pig Toy. Seat children in a circle and have them pass the Peppa Pig toy around. When the music stops, the child holding Peppa Pig gets to choose a prize from the Peppa Pig Treasure bag. Each child is a winner in this Pass the peppa Pig game.

Peppa, Peppa, Pig

Duck, Duck, Goose game can be adapted easily to the Peppa Pig theme. Add another twist having the child tapping the heads, snort like a pig when he/she announces "Pig"

Peppa Pig Obstacle Course

Have children complete a Pegga Pig obstacle course involving putting on oversize wellies then running, jumping and splashing in Muddy Puddles (tarp with soapy water), hop like a rabbit thru hula hoops,  squeeze thru a tunnel like the dogs (Enclosed play tunnel), gallop like the Ponies, swing your trunks and stomp like the elephants in quick time.

At Encore Kids Parties we love Peppa Pig! If you live in Perth and would like some help creating a snorting Peppa Pig birthday party for your child, then call us for information on our Party Game Fun package.



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