DIY Pony Party Games

DIY Pony Party Games

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Our resident 4 year old Amber, is in love and I mean LOVE with My Little Ponies. What’s not to love about them – they are whimsical, sparkly and purely magical! My Little Pony parties are an easy DIY theme with a colourful rainbow palette and games that will keep the kids entertained for two hours. I’m sure you will get some inspiration and ideas on how to host your very own My Little Pony Party from here. 

Arrival Activity

Greet your guests with a MY Little Pony Craft station. Crafts could include colouring in sheets, rainbow themed sun-catchers, rainbow pony bead bracelets, decorate a pony bookmark (Twilight Sparkle LOVES Books) or even a Unicorn Horn decorating station!

Rainbow Bead Craft, My Little Pony Craft Unicorn Decorating Station

Face painting Cutie Marks

Kids just love having their face painted – in lieu of a full face paint design we painted a Cutie Mark on children’s cheeks as they arrived. They loved this!


My Little Pony Cutie Mark, Face painting perth


Musical Ponies

Once all of your guests have arrived have them all jump to their feet for a quick game of Musical Ponies. Have the children prance about dancing to the music when the music stops they must freeze and not move. Children who move are given a sticker and given the important role of helping to find the next round of restless ponies.

Mustang Roundup

Choose one or more children to be rustlers. All the other My Little Pony birthday party guests are mustangs. When the rustlers hear command "Corral 'em!" - They have to catch the mustangs. When players get caught, they go to a designated area called "Corral." There they must stand with their legs wide apart.

To be freed, one of the free mustangs must crawl between their legs. Keep the game going until every mustang has been caught

Wonder bolt Obstacle Course

Use various items such as Tunnels, hula hoops, cones to set up a Wonder bolt Obstacle course for teams to race against. For older children, add an Egg and Spoon relay dynamic and race Rainbow Dash Style “as fast as you possible can”

Twilight Sparkles “Friendship is Magic” wish making

Seat children in a circle and explain Twilight Sparkles “Friendship is Magic” story. Have the children mix a special pony wishing pot full of a rainbow of coloured glitter. Each child receives a feather (each magical coloured feather corresponds to different personality/attribute type). Stir with your magical feather and sprinkle in the yard for extra Birthday Fun Magic!

My Little Pony Scavenger Hunt

HELP!!! Find our Lost Ponies: Hide small stuffed or plastic ponies and horses throughout your yard or house. Make sure that they are not too difficult to find. Send your My Little Pony birthday party guests to find the lost animals and bring them back home. We add hunting For Rarity’s Jewels (coloured stones) to add some more complexity for older children.

Pony, Pony Horse

This traditional party game of Duck, Duck, Goose is perfect for the restless ponies J All children must sit in a circle. Choose one child to be ‘it’ they must walk around the outside of the circle tapping each child on the head saying ‘duck’ ‘duck’. They choose one person to be ‘goose’. The child who is ‘it’ then must run around the circle to get back and sit in the gooses spot. The goose must chase after them, attempting to catch them before they get back to their spot. The goose then becomes ‘it’.

Pinkie Pie Says

Again a traditional party game “Simon Says” that the children will love. Use Pony phrases as instructions

Message Mix-Up

Seat your guests in a circle. Help the birthday child think of a message such as “Star Shimmer is one of the best loved ponies in the town, because she takes such good care of her friends”. The birthday child then whispers the message to the person on their left, and so on. When the message has travelled all the way around the circle, the person on the birthday child’s right tells the message out loud. Then the birthday child tells the original message. Expect the unexpected when you learn the original versus the final mixed-up message. Try again with another player starting the message.

There’s a Pony on my Back

Pair up your party guests and put a sticker or a picture of a printable MY LITTLE PONY character on each child’s back. Have the guests try to guess which pony is on their back by asking their partners questions that can be answered with only “yes” or “no”. For example, “Am I pink?”, “Can I Fly?” or “Do I Dance?”

Our Favourite My Little Pony Characters

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie pie is the spunky party pony.  She throws parties for everything she can make an excuse for.  She bounces instead of walks & she's ALWAYS happy (& a little hyper too)


Rarity is a beautiful white pony with purple hair.  She's a fashion designer, loves sparkles & gemstones, beautiful things.  She's the prettiest of the ponies

My Little Pony Party games


Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is the tomboy.  She's blue with messy rainbow hair & she can fly faster than any other pony in pony Ville. 

My Little Pony Party, party ideas perth, encore kids parties

Twilight Sparkle.  Twilight Sparkle is a smart pony who loves learning, reading, & being prepared for anything (a lot like Cadence).  Twilight is purple with purple & pink striped hair. 

My Little Pony Party ideas, party ideas perth



Fluttershy is a cute yellow pony with pink hair.  She is extremely shy & LOVES animals, plants, & anything cute. 

My Little pony party ideas, party ideas perth, kids party perth

Applejack is the hard worker of the group.  She lives on an apple farm & loves the hard work that comes along with farming.  She loves making apple treats for her pony friends.  I love Applejack's southern accent & her "I can do anything I put my mind to" attitude.

My Little Pony Ideas, Party ideas perth, encorekidsparties

If you are looking for MY Little Party balloons or party ware (plates etc.) please visit Shop NowHQ – Perth’s best Party Supplier.

We hope you inspired by everything My Little Pony and be sure to contact us if we can help make your child’s birthday a memorable one!


Dianne Rankin, perth blogger

Our Fairy Princess was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She was on time and engaged the kids throughout with tons of activities. Face painting, Face gems and Bubbles were the highlights. She was really friendly and fun to be around. The 8 girls absolutely loved her and didn't want her to go. Really thank you for the amazing support and staff you recommended. Pleasure working with you Ken N Oct 2021