Create the Coolest School Stationery (Part 2)

Create the Coolest School Stationery (Part 2)

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Last time I showed you how to make your school books and your pencil case original, but what do you do when it comes to naming them? Name stickers are great, but they usually fall off and are definitely not as funky as these ones that I will show you


Anyone who’s misplaced their pencils every now and then might have a hard time in that they don’t know which is their’s! I’ve found a simple yet effective way in making sure you know what stuff is your stuff!

You’ll need:

A pen

The pencils that you want to name

Sticky tape

Colourful paper, magazine clippings, patterned card.


Take your paper or magazine clippings, etc. and cut small strip (one for each pencil), around 1cm tall and 3cm long. 

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Write your name on them

Sticky Tape them onto your pencil

 How easy was that?!


Now to your pencil case! The one thing you really don’t want to loose at school is your pencil case. There is a cute solution to this though!

You’ll need:

A sheet of hard plastic (such as off of a toy)

A piece of coloured card, magazine clipping, patterned paper, etc.

A pen

Sticky tape

A hole punch


Cut out two pieces of paper (same size) and write your name on both sides.


Cut one bit of plastic, except double the size of one piece of paper.

Bend the plastic in half and put your pieces of paper in between.

 Tape up the open sides

Hole punch the nametag and thread a piece of string through.

Attach you nametag to your pencil case!

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USB Lanyards

It’s totally THE worst feeling when you loose your USB. All that hard work is lost! USB’s are hard to name but I’ve found a cute way you can easily keep it safe and identify it.

You’ll need:

A bracelet- preferably leather or string without beads



Your USB

Take the string and attach it to the USB

Thread the string attached to the USB somewhere onto the bracelet and knot it many time

Wear your USB with pride and reassurance that you won’t loose it.

Tween USB, Craft party perth

I hope you guys have a great start to the school year and I am sure you will have the coolest stationery in your class!



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