Create the Coolest School Stationery

Create the Coolest School Stationery

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There comes the time of year when the school holidays are still in swing, but we have to start thinking about the new school year. It might seem weird, but it’s a really good feeling to have sharp pencils and non-graffitied pencil cases (that are actually white!)

I also find that when buying my school stuff, I want it to be original and different from the rest of my class (I mean come on, who’s accidentally swapped pencils with someone because they look the same?). Even if I have named my stuff, those name stickers always seem to fall off.

So, to avoid all these Back-to-school stationary ‘dramas’, I’ll show you how to do it the ‘write’ way

School Books and Journals

By half way through the year, the covers on most of my books are being held just by the last of their staples and were rather frayed around the corners. But I have found a solution! Instead of buying the cheap journals from the newsagents (where I get my stationery), look for ones with spinout binders, as they will last longer and are well worth their price tag. Good stores like Typo have great notebooks and have a ton of gorgeous designs!

School Notebook, Girls Journal, DIY Notebook cover

If you want to make your own notebook designs, take your plain notebook, choose what you are going to put on your book, glue it down and cover the book in clear contact. The fun in this is that you can play around with what you put on the cover of your book. Magazine clipping, funky patterned paper and photos of you, celebrities or baby animals look cool!

Pencil Cases

We’ve all been there: “Sign my pencil case!”, “Can you sign mine?”

By the 3rd week, our pencil cases look like an autograph book! While there is nothing wrong with that, you won’t want to write on these cute pencil cases from Typo and Smiggle:

If you want a more original pencil case simply buy a plain white fabric pencil case and draw on a desired design with fabric markers. Hey presto! Your own completely original pencil case (I can guarantee no one else in your class will have one like it!

That’s just the beginning of your school stationary! Stay tuned for another post on how to pimp up your school stuff.




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