Christmas Minute To Win it Games

Christmas Minute To Win it Games

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Minute to Win it Games are a fantastic addition to your Christmas Party.

Here is a brief look at games you could include at your Christmas Party function. Why not get Encore to host your Office Party for you? Call Natasha on 6188 7666 to get an affordable tailored quote - Priced from $320 for up to 20 guests. Looking for a Perth Venue? Why not the Adina Apartment Hotel Perth or the amazing Oceanside Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough.

Ensure everyone is split into pairs to compete, as most games require teamwork. Have a points scoring system (this could simply be a whiteboard or if you want to really get into the Christmas spirit – award mini candy canes which are placed into team jars). Also remember that wind is an unwelcome guest when playing Minute to Win it games so choose an indoor venue as this works best.

Deer Nose Dive 
This game is similar to the Nose Dive.
Required items:
Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)
Red ribbon cut to length approx 40cm. Red craft pom pom (medium size) stuck on end of ribbon.
Antler Ears

Each contestant, once timer has started, must dip his/her nose into the Vaseline.
Contestant may only apply Vaseline to nose by dipping nose in Vaseline.
Contestant must swing the ribbon/red nose and successfully land “stick” the red nose on his/her nose.
Contestant must land the red pom pom onto the nose without coming into contact with any other body part or object.
If a player touches the red pom pom with the hands they will be disqualified.
Contestants may not touch their face with their hands or any other body part.

To complete the game, contestant must successfully land five red nose pom pom onto their nose as described above, within the 60-second time limit.

Face the Gingerbread Man 
This is played in the same manner as Face the Cookie - just simply use a Gingerbread Man cookie.

Wreath Madness 
Required Items
Obstacles: Christmas Tree, bucket of baubles, Candles/Matches

Players must place a Christmas Wreath on their head and successfully walk around various Christmas obstacles (this could be Christmas Tree, pick up Christmas baubles from the floor, light a Christmas Candle…use your imagination). This must be completed within the 60 second time limit. Should the Wreath fall on the floor, the Contestant is unsuccessful. Contestants will be disqualified should they touch the wreath with their hands.

Holiday Kiss 
Required Items:
String length at least 2mtrs wide hung securely from 2 poles
Table with five large red baubles with bauble wire securely attached to the top of the baubles (located 2mtrs away from string line)

Two Contestants must successfully “pick up” the Christmas bauble by kissing from opposite sides of the ball and transferring it to the string line 2mtrs away.
Should the ball drop, contestants will be unsuccessful at the Holiday Kiss Challenge.
Contestants who successfully hang the five balls on the string win.
A time allocation of 60 seconds will apply.
Contestants must not use any part of their body to support the ball other than with their lips.

Merry Fishmas 
Players must use Candy Canes as fishing hooks and hook four candy canes on top of each other. Think Barrel of Monkeys.
Required items:
Santa Hat
30cm plastic pole (think the thickness of say a straw) with a hook on the end
15 cm candy cane which is hung from the bottom of the candy cane (ie; upside down) and securely attached to the end of the pole by fishing line.
4 small candy canes

Jingle Box
This game is played in the same manner as Junk in the Trunk. A player must shake all ping pong balls out of a tissue box that is strapped to the back of their waist. Make the box look decidedly “christmassy” and substitute ping pong balls with plastic Christmas baubles and decorate the box with red Christmas paper.

Christmas Jingle Contestants have to arrange eight drinking glasses filled at different levels of water inside the glass in an order that plays the notes of the song “Jingle Bells” when tapping on the glass with a spoon.

Christmas Bite
This game is played in the same manner as Bite Me

Required Items:
5 Christmas Gift bags of various sizes


Prior to game start, contestant must be in designated start zone with hands at sides.
Once game begins, contestant may use only their mouth to grab, transport and manoeuvre the bags.
Contestant must first place the 25cm, then 20cm, then 15cm, then 10cm, then 5cm bags onto the five podiums.
The contestant may only touch the ground with his or her feet.

If a contestant touches the ground with some body part other than the feet while attempting to grab a bag, he or she must reset by standing up before making another attempt at the bag.

If a player has a bag in the mouth while making an illegal touch, he or she must immediately put it back on the floor with the open end up before making another attempt.

Player may not use the podiums or any other item for balance.

If a bag falls off a podium, it must be reset in the manner described above to complete the challenge.

To complete the game, the contestant must have all five bags concurrently on the five podiums within the 60-second time limit.

Other games to be shown on the Christmas Win to Win It Holiday special include: Christmas in the Balance (maybe this is Stack Attack or Candelier ), Snowball Flight, Deck the Balls, Lolly Pop and more.

Christmas Ball Conveyor
Required Items
5mtr length green ribbon
Bowl full of tree ornaments (baubles plastic with hangers attached firmly)
2 players

Two players spinning in place, transfer tree ornaments using a ribbon looped around their waist. They must transfer via the “conveyor belt” two baubles and place on the tree.

Marshmallow Toss 
Required Items
One wreath,
Large Bag of marshmallows
One bucket for each player.
Have one person hold the wreath to their side and place the bucket behind the wreath. Players will have one minute to throw marshmallows through the wreath into the bucket. The player with the most marshmallows in the bucket after one minute is the winner!

Wreath Relay
Required Items
2 players
1 wreath (large)
Teammates transfer a wreath using only their bodies from shoulders up from 1 point to another location (Holiday special used a lamp post – I’d use a table)

Whipped Cream Tannenbaum
Required Items:
paper plate per player
3 cans of whipped cream per player.
Each player has one minute to spray the whipped cream on the paper plate in the shape of a Christmas tree. The player with the tallest Christmas tree after one minute wins.

Christmas Ball
Required Items
Gift box lid (medium size)
Tree bauble (plastic)
Target area outline

A player must move a tree ornament across the floor and into a target area by fanning the ornament using only the lid of a gift box

Do you hear what I hear?
Required items
7 gift boxes of various sizes containing bells varying from 5 bells per box to 35 bells
Table for boxes to be placed upon
2 players
Players must place boxes with different quantities of jingle bells inside in the correct order.

Napkin Ring Ornament Madness

Required Items
5 to 10 large napkin rings in a basket/tray
an unsharpened pencil or chopstick for each player.
Set the basket on a table or the floor, a few feet away from a Christmas tree. (A small artificial tree works well.) Players must use the unsharpened pencil or chopstick to pick up a napkin ring, carry it to the tree, and slide the napkin ring “ornament” onto the tree. The player who gets the most napkin rings on the tree in one minute wins!

Christmas Cliff-hanger
Required items
12 Christmas Cards placed upright (landscape design)
1 player
Blow standing Christmas cards across a table and get one to hang over the edge.Raise your Glass

Required items
15 plastic martini glasses
1 table
1 bucket full of small Christmas baubles
1 player

Player must stack three levels of glasses with tree ornaments plus one empty glass on top (four storey tower).

Snowball Fight
Required Items
White paper for each player or team.
Place a dividing line in the middle of the room. Players or teams will need to wad up the white paper and have a snowball fight. The player or team who has the least number of “snowballs” on their side after one minute is the winner.


The girls really had so much fun, they loved doing the activities and dance. Everyone was very happy. My daughter said this is her best birthday party ever. Thank you for making the birthday so special Neeta Jul 2018