Buzzy Bee Pipecleaner Craft

Buzzy Bee Pipecleaner Craft

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I am always on the look out for easy DIY crafts for young children that don't take alot of time to prepare and have minimal mess-factor involved! These Clothespeg & Pipe Cleaner Bees from Kids activities Blog are definately a hit in our house today. They will definately be an addition to our regular Restaurant Entertainment craft of the week and would be also great for a craft activity for a Fairy Party

Kids Activities Blog have provided an easy tutorial on how to create these gorgeous Bees. Full instructions on what you will need and how to create these are all found by clicking on this easy DIY tutorial. My daughter Jodie created a "hive" of bees so having an array of different coloured pipecleaners would work well as a suggestion (apparently yellow and black bees can be a little "pedestrian" and colour is definately the order of the day)



The girls really had so much fun, they loved doing the activities and dance. Everyone was very happy. My daughter said this is her best birthday party ever. Thank you for making the birthday so special Neeta Jul 2018