Awesome Pool Party Games

Awesome Pool Party Games

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It's heating up in Perth so get ready to have fun in the sun! Try these fun pool games to play at your next weekend BBQ. Let us know what everyone's favourite game was cheeky

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Pool Toy Toss
Divide your pool in half using a rope or ideally with a volleyball net. Have even team player numbers on each side of the net (make sure the better swimmers are on deep end side of pool).  Have two baskets full of pool toys like noodles, blow up balls, Splash Water Bombs, blow up sharks etc. With same number of toys in each basket, dump them in the water on each side of the line. On go, all players will try to throw the items to the other side of the line and try to keep their side of the pool free of items. You can give them 5 – 10 minutes to do so. When the whistle blows they are to stop immediately. The team with the least amount of items is the winner.
Pool Volleyball
This is a favourite at our family gatherings. Set up your volleyball net across the middle of the pool and start playing. Easy, simple and fun.

Pool Water polo

Set up two goals (use the portable soccer goals), at either end of the pool. Divide players into two even teams. Throw the volleyball into the middle and start the water polo game. Make sure you penalise rough play. Team with most goals wins.

Shark Tag
One person is chosen to be the shark (in our house it's Dad), and the others are fish. The Shark starts on the side of the pool close to the middle while the fish start at one end of the pool. When the shark says go, the fish must try to make it across the pool and back. Meanwhile the shark jumps in and starts to try and tag the fish. If a fish is tagged, they are frozen and it is up to another fish to unfreeze them. The fish win if they each make it across the pool and back and are all touching the end of the pool. The Shark wins if everyone is tagged and frozen.
Water Bombs Away!
This game you can play two players against each other or alternatively have two players per team compete. You need to first set up a hula hoop for each team at opposite ends of the pool and give each team at least 5 super soaker water balls. The object of the game is to get your water balls (bombs) into the other team's hula hoop. This game works best if one team member guards their own team's hula hoop whilst the other team member tries to get his ball into the other team's hula hoop. Teams are awarded 1 point for each successful target. Players must not touch the hula hoop but can block and catch the bombs.

Riding the Whale
So we all have one of those blow up toys that look like a shark or a whale and are almost impossible to stay on for long! Have competitions where players are timed with an aim to "ride" the whale the longest.
Marco Polo An oldie but a goodie! One player is "Marco". Marco needs to close their eyes and count to 10 and then yells Marco. He/she then listens for the other players to call back "Polo!" Marco swims toward the sounds of the other players, and tries to tag another player with his hand. When Marco is called, all players above water level must answer Polo. Players must not get out of the pool unless they are tagged by Marco.
Diving Games
Everyone loves the pool diving games. Have competitions to retrieve a set of keys or diving sticks. This can be a timed activity or a race between 2 players. 
Races where players need to swim under water through hula hoops or weighted down hoops.
Stuck in the Mud
This is essentially a game of tag, with one or two players being nominated to capture the others. Once a player is caught they have to go to the shallow end then stay there until they are set free by a player who has not been caught swimming through their legs. 
Bombie Contest
The player who makes the biggest splash wins!
Long Jump the Noodle
One person (Dad or Mum: Someone responsible), holds a noodle at a predetermined distance from the side of the deep end of the pool. One by one, each player jumps over the noodle into the water. After each round the noodle is moved out further (say at least 30 cms) making it more and more difficult to clear the noodle. Longest jump wins.
Crocodile, Crocodile
Choose someone to be the crocodile. Everyone else lines up along 1 side of the pool. You all chant "Crocodile, crocodile, can we cross your blue,  blue river". Crocodile responds with: "Not unless you have brown eyes" (choices could be various other traits such as hair colour, name starting with...). Those who have what it is asked for, get to swim across the river safely. Those that don't must wait until the crocodile says "Go!". They all must then cross the river as quickly as possible before Crocodile tags them. Whoever is tagged becomes Crocodile. If no one is tagged, Crocodile remains the Crocodile.

Water Gun Battle. Each player is given a super soaker water gun.....the rest is history!

Towel Balloons  You will need: A minimum of 4 people, 1 towel between 2 and water filled balloons
Get into groups of 2. Each person holds an end of the towel. Place a water filled balloon in the middle of each towel. Each team must toss the balloon into the air and catch it on their towel. The last team to with an unburst balloon is the winner.

Have fun keeping cool! 

The girls really had so much fun, they loved doing the activities and dance. Everyone was very happy. My daughter said this is her best birthday party ever. Thank you for making the birthday so special Neeta Jul 2018