How to Make a Cute 3-D Hanging Heart

How to Make a Cute 3-D Hanging Heart

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Whether it’s the season of love, or not at all, these DIY 3-D hanging hearts look gorgeous! Hung from a light or doorway, they add a cute touch and they are super easy to make!

You’ll need:

8 pieces of patterned paper, cut into identical heart shapes (I would suggest using a heart template that you can find online)


Glue or double sided tape


A small fake flower (optional)

Hot glue gun

Take two of your eight hearts, fold in half and glue one side of one heart to the other with tape or glue. Repeat this; however, glue the next heart onto the existing hearts.

When you have a stack of your hearts, stretch them out and check they are even (there is no excess sticking out or overlapping). If not, cut them off the excess to even them up.

Take your ribbon and fold it in half. In the open slit of the group of hearts, place a line of hot glue in that area.

Place the ribbon on top of the glue and wait for it to dry. Cut off the ribbon that pokes out the end. If you wish, you can also glue a small fake flower in the same place as the ribbon, so it sticks out the end.

Glue the remaining heart faces with glue or double sided tape to each other.

Hang your cute 3-D heart and admire it!

Stay tuned for more activities in the lead up to Valentine’s Day!


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