How to Arrange Flowers in 4 Funky Ways

How to Arrange Flowers in 4 Funky Ways

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I really have no idea what it is, but I REALLY like freshly cut flowers! I find that having a bunch of beautiful blooms somewhere in my room really lifts my spirits. Along with that, arranging flowers in cute and funky ways like ones I’ll show you, are a lot of fun!

Image Source : Style It Like You Stole  It

Hanging Wall Vase

This is a really cool way to add colour to an empty wall. Just make sure if you’re doing this project, that your parents are okay with having to drill a nail into the wall.

You’ll need:

Strong string (about 50 cm)

A glass vase or clear glass milk jug with a wide neck

A drill and nail


Get an adult to drill a nail into your desired wall.

Tie your string very tightly underneath the widest part of your vase neck.

Tie the remaining ends of string together to create a loop.

Hang your loop on the nail.

(Be very careful not to knock the vase over as the flowers will spill out and the vase will possible break).

Image Source : Style It Like You Stole It

Thrift Jars

Using old jars and cups from thrift stores is great for not only that your flowers look funky, but the money made from thrift stores like The Salvation Army and Vinnies, goes to helping their charity.

You’ll need:

A selection of cute jars, mugs, cups, vases, etc.

Go to your local thrift store and look at what vases and other kinds of ‘possible flower holders’ they have. I find that the funkiest looking vases aren’t actually vases at all! Cookie jars, tall pattered mugs and ceramic old fashioned ilk mugs look cute. 

Image Source: Keen and Fitting

Floral Monogram

Okay, so these flowers may not actually be real flowers, but this still looks so funky, especially on a bare wall or bedroom door.

You’ll need:

A 3D cardboard letter

Floral foam

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Fake flowers


Craft scalpel


Ask an adult to cut off the front of your 3D letter.

Cut to size and fill your letter with floral foam, gluing it down with the hot glue.

Take your fake flowers and chop the actual flower heads off with a couple of centimeters of stem to spare.

Play around with positioning and press the flowers into the floral foam and glue them down with the hot glue gun.

Hang on your desired wall or door, etc.

Image Source: Urbanicpaper

Simply Pop in a Jar and Adorne with a Ribbon

Image Source: Style It Like You Stole It

Sometimes in life, the best things are the simplest. Nothing more to say.

You’ll need:

A mason jar

A matching coloured ribbon

A tiny bit of clear tape


Take your mason jar and wrap the ribbon around the neck of the jar.

Tie a bow in the desired position and put a bit of tape on the back of the jar, over the ribbon (so the ribbon stays there).

Simply cut some beautiful flowers, fill your vase with water and admire them!

Stay tuned for more activities in the lead up to Valentines Day!

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