Racing Cars

Racing Cars

Racing Cars

What do we do?

Start your engines as Lightning McQueen revs up, your Racing Car Drivers arrive and your race for adventure begins! Play energetic active games such as Pit stop relay races, race thru our obstacle course, Lay the track, Red light green light, steal the checkered flag, car heist, over and out, movement racing dancing, and follow our Racing Car Driver Track Rules game. If your child loves Cars 3 then this party is for them.

We adapt the games to suit the number of guests, party space, age range to provide the best party entertainment for you. 

Racing Car Package Includes:

  • Fun, enthusiastic, professionally trained party host/s
  • Fast and furious games, activities and a party experience like no other!
  • Spot Prizes for all

Party Package Pricing:

  • One Character Option $230 (inc GST) for 1 hour for  up to10 children. 1.5 hour option for $290
    Two Character Option $330 for 1 hour for up to 20 children. 1.5 hours of entertainment $399
  • A Travel Fee may also apply for distance travelled exceeding 15 kms from Perth CBD.

Please Note: Our Characters are inspired by children’s fairytale stories and are not affiliated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark. Should you have the need for a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, we encourage you to contact the company/copyright holders for your specific targeted character