Princess Party Games

Princess Party Games

What do we do?

Your Princess Performer arrives and she sings her favourite songs, tells the tale of how she become a true Princess and plays many magical adventure games such as Queen, Queen, Princess, Princess and the Pea game, Musical Tiaras, Kiss the Frog Prince, Dragon Snot Challenge, Wishing Well Accuracy throw, Solve the mystery and the clues to find the castle's stolen crown jewels and more.

Our Princess Party Package Includes:

  • Professionally trained Princess Performer/s
  • Princess birthday party games, activities and a performance like no other!
  • Spot rewards for all

Princess Party Package Pricing: 

  • One Character Option $230 (inc GST) for 1 hour for  up to10 children. 1.5 hour option for $290
  • Two Character Option $330 for 1 hour for up to 20 children. 1.5 hours of entertainment $399
  • A Travel Fee may also apply for distance travelled exceeding 15 kms from Perth CBD.
  • If you would like your Princess Performer to stay an additional 30 mins, an additional fee of $60 will apply. $100 for two characters

Please Note: Our Characters are inspired by children’s fairytale stories and are not affiliated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark. Should you have the need for a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, we encourage you to contact the company/copyright holders for your specific targeted character