Princess Belle

Princess Belle

What do we do?

Your WAAPA vocally trained Princess arrives and she sings her favourite songs in a wonderful performance! She tells the tale of how she was taken prisoner by a hideous beast in his castle. Despite her precarious situation, our Princess befriends the castle's enchanted staff -- a teapot, a candelabra and a mantel clock,-- and ultimately tells how she learns to see beneath to discover the heart and soul of a prince.  Children also play many magical adventure games such as read, read, read a book,  dancing, learn to curtsey & twirl like a real princess, solve Regal treasure hunt clues, Princess wishing making, Pass the red rose, limbo and sleeping princesses/prince. 

Our Princess Party Package Includes:

  • One professionally WAAPA trained Princess Performer
  • Princess birthday party games, activities and a performance like no other!
  • Happy Birthday Song while Blowing out the Birthday Candles (Final 10 minutes of our entertainment)
  • Spot prizes for all

Princess Party Package Pricing:

  • One Character Option $230 (inc GST) for 1 hour for  up to10 children. 1.5 hour option for $290
    Two Character Option $330 for 1 hour for up to 20 children. 1.5 hours of entertainment $399
  • A Travel Fee may also apply for distance travelled exceeding 15 kms from Perth CBD.
  • If you would like your  Performer/s to stay an additional 30 mins, an additional fee of $100 will apply.
  • Party Space must be Indoor (No outside locations due to costume restrictions). Looking for a venue?

Please Note: Our Characters are inspired by children’s fairytale stories and are not affiliated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark. Should you have the need for a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, we encourage you to contact the company/copyright holders for your specific targeted character



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